Lea Lelo Designed by Susana Mazzarino


LEA LELO is a brand of children’s footwear that from its beginnings has been inspired by the fantasy of children, creating their own imaginary world.

The logo and concept of LEA LELO represents two lions: “LEA” the lioness and “LELO” the lion. The two characters have many friends, all of them animals to foster the love of children towards nature and the animal world. Each of the characters has its own personality with its strengths and weaknesses. Their shoes are magical and enhance the virtues of the children. The motivation of the group and its leaders (Lea & Lelo) is to “save the planet”.

Every time there is a problem, they use their magical shoes in order to rescue any being, be it an animal, a plant or a child … and each style of Lea Lelo shoes incorporates “didactic” messages remembering that we have to think about the planet and save their resources.

LEA LELO is also inspired by the symbol of the cat Zhaocai Mao (貓 貓) for the good luck and permanent happiness.


Here you can download the complete history of our two brands


SUSANA MAZZARINO is a brand that which is inspired mostly by WALT DISNEY and especially in one of their classics “ALICE IN WONDERLAND”. This story,probably, the best known in the WORLD, is as familiar to children as to parents or grandparents, so that it seduces the attention of both to see common elements in it. Because of this special connection created by the Alice in Wonderland, the last collections are designed for mums and kids.

The decoration of the shoe stores of SUSANA MAZZARINO (both in Spain and abroad) has strongly emphasized the concept of ALICE using Keys, Hats, Locks, Mushrooms, Teapots, Cups, Cakes or Potions, which have attracted children and their parents. This has been particularly successful in Ireland, UK and USA.

Fabricantes de calzado de marca infantil

WALT DISNEY’s classics are recurrent in all the collections of SUSANA MAZZARINO, which are inspired each season in a different story: Snow-White, Frozen, Jack with Boots, The Lion King, The Aristocats, etc. … creating a magical environment of joy for our small customers and distributors.


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Fabricantes de calzado infantil ecológico y testado


We realize our own tests in our laboratories; testing not only footwear; materials from the upper material to the sole, including flexing resistance, tear strength, bursting strength, abrasion resistance, colour fastness/colour strain, buckles corrosion test ant etc., but also the whole shoes test, including heel attachment, sole bond strength and etc.

We have a specialist team to custom design and source the best way to improve and realize any new development according to the expectation of the product.

Our laboratories control and make sure that our products respond to the European and other international standards.