Where to buy children shoes

Comprar zapatos infantiles

If you want to buy kid shoes online, you should take a look at the Lea Lelo collection, available in our online shop. We are a company that inspires the curious and creative mind of the little ones. The lions that give our brand a name focus on an imaginative universe inspired by the animal world, which nurtures colorful designs for all tastes, which transport the children to a magical world. It is a shoe collection that is different from others and that is why it has caught the attention of the different international markets to which we export our products.

You can buy our shoes on line and enjoy an ergonomical designs and high quality materials. We take care of the whole process with a very clearly defined philosophy that is based on the italian manufacturing tradition of Susana Mazzarino’s family. Do not miss the owned named collection “Susana Mazzarino”, with timeless designs and full of charm. On the same time, we take our position in high end spanish children shoe brands in the national and international market, having our headquarters in Elche. From there we deliver our shoes to more than 20 countries. Our shoes with their unmistakable style, combine all the desirable quality standards and are designed with taste, comfort and safety for the little ones.