Manufacturers of children's footwear

Fabricantes de calzado infantil

Why Lea Lelo is belong the top children shoe manufacturers in Europe? Our company, based in Elche, has an imaginative design, together with a firm commitment to the most solid quality standards to protect the child's foot and comfort, without forgetting the durability of the shoe.

Like this, Lea Lelo's collections have their own personality: our design transport the children to an Imaginary world. In addition, we encourage the children to love the animals and the planet, therefore our beloved lions are our logo and image of our brand and promote environmental values. This combination is what has turned our children footwear into a well known international brand, with a booming presence and no less than two hundred stores in our own country.

From boots to sandals for girls and boys which you can buy through the online store of Lea Lelo. Wherever you are, we make it easy for you to get a pair of these shoes that offer a great experience for girls and boys. On the other hand, if you go to our online store, you have a really interesting option to buy girl shoes at the Lea Lelo outlet, our promotions will surprise you.