Shoe factories in Elche

Fábricas de calzado en Elche
The shoes of Lea Lelo and Susana Mazzarino offer in the field of children's fashion all the quality of the shoe factories in Elche, with the high standards corresponding to the industrial tradition of leather shoe, in addition to the creativity of the designer to create a style full of charm supported by the friendly characters that give the brand its name. Buying a pair of Lea Lelos or Mazzarinos means betting on footwear that is not only durable, but has been carefully designed to provide the best ergonomic experience for children while enthusing them with their magical and colourful design, and let their imagination grow.

We have established ourselves as a signature with outstanding personality among the children shoe producers of Elche by our way of taking care of the details in each element of our designs and by the acceptance of our amusing lions among the little ones, that find in our creations some comfortable shoes but also a door to a magical world. We have a wide range of footwear including boots, Mary Janes or sandals. You can find our products in the in the most important specialized kid shoe stores in Spain, specially in Barcelona, as well as in many other countries worldwide, or in our website. Additionally we have our own flagstore; If you are interested in our kidshoe outlet online, or you want to come to visit us, you will have the chance to take advantage of our special promotions.

Shoe factories in Elche for children

It is noteworthy that we are among the most active suppliers of children's shoes at footwear fairs at European level, which has enabled us to enhance our presence in recent years in markets such as UK, IRELAND and ITALY. We also highlight the quality of our displays and complementary materials for an attractive presence in our shops that reinforces our product. But above all, our extensive quality standard and design and huge variety of collection for so many different markets distinguish our brands from others.