Suppliers of children's shoes

Proveedores de zapatos infantiles

¿What are some of the characteristics that make us one of the most interesting kid shoe suppliers in recent years? The different styles designed by Susana Mazzarino combine the taste of children and parents with a firm commitment to quality in all relevant factors, including materials and manufacturing process. All of this is combined with very special design concepts, such as the latest Susana Mazzarino collection, inspired by Alice in Wonderland; Or the funny designs of our brand Lea Lelo, which are directly related to children's imagination, around two lions that promote love and respect for nature, providing a didactic added value to each of our designs.

Our collections have a marked personality that distinguishes them from others and with everything that can be expected at the practical level of a good shoe for children. That is why we are among the producers of children's footwear that more attention awakens in the great European fairs. We have many shops in different markets combined with online sales.

Suppliers of Spanish children's shoes

All our shops know that in Lea Lelo they have a collection that attracts the attention of the youngest and their parents. We take great care of our presence in stores with the marketing materials, enhancing the positive values ​​and the distinctive image of our fun and imaginative brand. Lea Lelo's current catalogs, with the different different styles and marketing images, are available on our own website, so do not hesitate to consult them.